Queen Anne is finished!

Yesterday I publish post with preview of my upcoming set and now I can proudly say this set is done ^_^ I spend long hours to finish this set. Queen Anne Library it's set of small bookshelfs which you can use to decorate your house with many diffrent ways. I was inspired by picture which I saw in net. Picture was laying in folder for  year or even longer. So now you can only download it and start decorating your home ^_^ I hope you like it guys :D Love you all <3
Queen Anne Library
 Set contains:
- Bookshelf Left (4 switches)
- Bookshelf Right (4 switches)
- Bookshelf Middle (4 switches)
- Bookshelf Left 1x1 (4 switches)
- Bookshelf Right 1x1 (4 switches)
- Bookshelf Middle 1x1 (4 switches)
- Loveseat (4 switches)
- Living Chair (4 switches)
- Painting set


  1. This is amazing, fantastic, you are to talented creator, very special person. Thank you so very much. xoxoxoxo, Big, big Hugs, love you!!!!

    1. Thank you again I really appreciate it <3 I'm really glad you like it <3 Love you too <3

  2. So amazing! You can really see all the hard work you put in it!;)


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