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New sim model

I've made new sim model :P She's the best one... I never thought I can made such a pretty sim *.* Here I ive couple of pics with her :P What do you think about her? :) Maybe someone of you want her in your game :P

I will be using her to previews of my upcoming sets ;)

Big favour...

I'm writing to all my visitors and to all what they downloaded my oldest creation. I'm goint to fix my all old links but I don't couple of my creation what I've made . I will be really happy if someone of you have them still in your games. Here is the list of wich sets I don't have:
- Lady Gaga Pose Set
- Pose set 002 (fixed)
- Bad Girls - Pose Set
- Anna Dining
- Laluna Dining
- Valentine's day earrings
If someone of you have one of this set please send it to me on my e-mail. I will be really grateful :3 Big kiss <3