Peral & Oyster Bathroom *NEW SET*

Hi everyone!
I spend long nights to finish this set and I can finally present it to you! This is my second bathroom maybe I could make more bathroom but I don't like to make that room. I never liked it for me it's more complicated than kitchen even though for kitchen you need to make 12 objects to make 2 objects . Enough talking, I present Pearl & Oyster Bathroom. It's modern bathroom which has scandinavian soul and minimalistic design. Bathtub allows you to put necessary things to take a bath like soap. It's very good for thoose who like take long baths with glass of wine in hand. Light up candle, run a bath, take wine and dive in!

Cześć wszystkim!
Spędziłem długie noce by dokończyć ten zestaw i w końcu mogę wam go zaprezentować! Jest to moja druga łazienka, może mógłbym robić ich więcej ale nie lubię robić tego pokoj. Nigdy go nie lubiłem, dla mnie jest bardziej skomplikowana niż kuchnia mimo że do kuchni musisz zrobić 12 obiektów by zrobić 2. Ale koniec gadania, prezentuje wam Pearl & Oyster Bathroom. Jest to modernistyczna łazienka która zawiera w sobie skandynawską duszę i minimalistyczny design. Wanna pozwala ci na stawianie potrzebnych rzeczy do kąpieli takich jak mydło. Jest idealna dla tych co lubią brać długie kąpiele z kieliszkiem wina w dłoni. Zapal świeczki, napuść wody, weź wino i zanurz się!

 Set contains:
 - Floor Mirror ( cost: 70$ )
Poly count ( High 1 242 / Low 872 )
 - Bathroom Bench ( cost: 50$ )
Poly count ( High /Low 198 )
 - Bathtub ( cost: 1 355$ )
Poly count ( High 1 285 / Low 787 )
 - Counter ( cost: 105$ )
Poly count ( High/Low 276 )
 - Mirror ( cost: 50$ )
Poly count ( High/Low 32 )
 - Paint ( cost: 8$ )
 ( 4 swithces )
 - Shower Wall ( cost: 250$ )
Poly count ( High/Low 52 )
 - Shower ( cost: 400$ )
Poly count ( High /Low 1 032 )
 - Floor Mirror ( cost: 250$ )
Poly count ( High/Low 1 048 )



  1. Ech Pyszny, Pyszny, co Ty ze mną robisz. Miałam już nic nie pobierać :D

  2. One of the links do not work have you tried dropbox? How big is the file thank you for your work like to download it.

  3. Looks beautiful! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Błagam Cię no! Już mam za dużo modów! A tu taka ładna łazienka! Ty zbuju!

  5. That bathroom look so neat and the floors make it look more amazing. I do think that this kind of bathroom design is what I want to do in my bathroom.
    bathroom remodeling Austin

  6. why are there 2 downloads buttons ?

  7. Unfortunately, I tried both download buttons and neither worked. Each time I clicked the "SKIP AD" button, it only led me back to ad-fly, and was trying to persuade me to allow notifications... Creepy...

    1. What you can do is to not click the allow notifications AT ALL. Just simply dont try to click the x button , wait for the timer to stop , quickly close the pop up add and then download what you want. Trust me i am nervous everytime i find an adfly!!

  8. I downloaded the bathroom September 10th 2019, the whole bathroom works fine except the tub. When I put it in the world, it will be invisble or disappear.
    PS. Love your creations

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Very nice bathrooms and I would certainly find myself in such. Therefore, when I look at this website, I want to change my bathroom for a new one each time. It would be best if I had a few at home and I could use a different one each day.

  11. The bathroom unfortanely doens't work anymore after the November update, could you fix it please? Love the bathroom, would be a shame to not be able to use it anymore. X

  12. I can't download this because my computer doesn't open the links :/

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  14. Please update/fix the Tub. I would love to use it in my game!

  15. hey, can't download it, it's malicious


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