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Facebook views?

Hi guys I notice that I have almost 2k views today from Facebook and maybe you know could help me find the link where my blog was shared? ;) I will be really greatfull :)

False Creek Home *PART 1*

Hello everyone!
Few months ago I started really big project which took me  a long of time, a lot of nerve etc. But I think it's worth it because end result is amazing. I splited whole set to two parts and today I give you first part of FALSE CREEK HOME fun Stuff Pack. False Creek Home is for those who like to feel contact with nature. All elements are eco so for sims who like ecology this home is perfect choice. Set contains 41 new objects which can match almost every home. On December I want to publish second part which will be bedrooms, office, hall and bathroom so another 40 objects are planned so I hope you ready for christmas :D Of course I will be making other projects like Counters & Cabinets which should be ready in Novemeber so stay still I'm not sleeping ;) And now enjoy False Creek I hope you Like it :)

Cześć Wszystkim!
Parę miesięcy temu zacząłem bardzo duzy projekt który zajął mi duzo czasu i nerwów. Ale ysle że było to warte ponieważ efekt końcowy jest boski.…