Lilla Toddler Bedroom *NEW SET*

I want to share with you my next set which is my first set for Toddlers. I kept this project in secret, well almost because I shared with little preview on my tumblr but you don't know what rest of the set contain! Set have 18 objects which are prefect for boys and girls and also set contain 5 decorative cloths for children but they are only for girls maybe someday I will make cloths for boys too. Bedroom is in scandinavian style but it also match almost every interrior. All objects you can find in Children Room > Furniture for Kids. I hope you like it and have fun ^_^

Chce podzielić się z wami moim następnym zestawem który jednocześnie jest pierwszym dla małych dzieci. Trzymałem ten zestaw w sekrecie, no cóż prawie bo podzieliłem się z wami małą zapowiedzią na moim tumblrze ale nie wiecie co reszta zestawu zawiera. Zestaw składa się z 18 obiektów które pasują dla dziewczynki jak i chłopca, także zestaw zawiera 5 dekoracyjnych ubranek niestety są tylko dla dziewczynki może kiedyś zrobię ubranka dla chłopca. Sypialnia jest w stylu skandynawskim ale także pasuje do innych wnętrz. Wszystkie moje obiekty możecie znaleźć w Pokój dla dzieci>Meble dla dzieci. Mam nadzieje że wam się podoba i bawcie się ^_^

   Set contains:
 - Blanket ( cost: 40$ )
Poly count ( High 1 876 / Low 1 084 )
 - Kids Calendar ( cost: 10$ )
Poly count ( High/Low 212 )
 - Living Chair ( cost: 150$ )
Poly count ( High 1 150 / Low 596 )
 - Chalk Board ( cost: 30$ )
Poly count ( High/Low 146 )
 - Dress 2 ( cost: 1$ )
Poly count ( High 3 119 / Low 1 315 )
 - Dress ( cost: 1$ )
Poly count ( High 4 360 / Low 1 446 )
 - Bed Frame ( cost: 100$ )
Poly count ( High 4 246 / Low 2 098 )
- Hoodie 2 ( cost: 1$ )
Poly count ( High 4 464 / Low 1 299 )
- Hoodie ( cost: 1$ )
Poly count ( High 2 984 / Low 1 482 )
 - Hoodie Dress ( cost: 1$ )
Poly count ( High 4 049 / Low 1 229 )
 - Mattres ( cost: 150$ )
Poly count ( High/Low 438 )
- Pillows ( cost: 1$ )
Poly count ( High 2 731 / Low 1 059 )
- Poster ( cost: 20$ )
Poly count ( High/Low 54 )
- Cloth Rack ( cost: 10$ )
Poly count ( High/Low 282 )
 - Stove ( cost: 100$ )
Poly count ( High 1 538 / Low 887 )
 - Decorative Table ( cost: 150$ )
Poly count ( High 2 030 / Low 1 270 )
- Teddy ( cost: 45$ )
Poly count ( High 1 294 / Low 748 )
- Wardrobe ( cost: 500$ )
Poly count ( High 1 462 / Low 866 )



  1. For your first toddler set, you have made a great room.......I love it! Thank you very much :)

  2. I love all your cc, however this set is trapped behind your ad site and none of my three browers will open to allow for download. Your page times out on Safar, Firefox and Google Chrome.

    1. If you had adblocker try to turn it off it should work

    2. Don't turn off adblocker because there may be malware. Happened to me stupid mistake.

  3. I absolutelly love this set ! The play kitchen and the clothes really catch my heart <3 thank you

  4. So cute! Btw are you still planing to release false creek part 2?

    1. Yes, but it needs time and I need to find perfect inspiration on it ;)

  5. how do you get the clothes on the rack without over lapping

    1. I just press Alt while i was placing the cloths ;)

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Hey, I know it's a weird question, but what's the windows please?

  8. As an occupational therapist with interest on kids. I can say that is wonderful toddler bed. The metallic structure is durable and a kid can use it until he/she is a grown up. Also, when visitors are around, they can also use the same bed if you have no other convenient space. Bravo!

  9. Heya,I love this set but I'm not able to download it because my virus scanner keeps telling me of a virus within the download file.I need help please :)
    ~ miral

  10. how do i get the clothes to line up like that? i can only get 3 things on the rack and they are too far apart. i used bb.move cheat but they still didnt get closer

    1. the cheat is bb.moveobjects on.make sure all the walls are up hold down alt while moving the clothes up the wall and then keep on holding alt while moving the clothes closer together (: hopefully my explamation isn't to confusing ♥

  11. i cant download this set... it keeps saying that it can´t reach the downloading page.... Even with adblocker off.. :(

  12. Will you create the sims 3 transformation of this set? I'll be grateful.

  13. Thx, but it doesnt work , no downloading

  14. this isnt your fault but where do i download i stupid??

  15. I will also have this set for my kid..thanks alot for sharing.

  16. No adfly:!fQt1DLoL!BzubLPbDMOmeg0GwsU6t9gauzJK7dj04IXcd8TLLmwY
    If the damn adfly won't let you access the download

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