Kitchen Goodies *NEW SET*

My next level of devoloping myself is texturing so I decided I will make small set of decorative food. I'm working on make them eatable so your sims can also enjoy that amazing goodies :D I must say I'm really proud of myself and I hope you will like them too ^_^

Moim kolejnym poziomem w rozwijaniu siebie jest teksturowanie więc zdecydowałem że zrobie mały zestaw dekoracyjnego jedzenia. Pracuje nad tym także by zrobić wersję jadalne tego jedzenia by wasi simowe także mogli się cieszyć tymi smakołykami.  Muszę przyznać że jestem dumny z siebie i mam nadzieje że wam też się podoba ^_^

  Set contains:
 - Bageutte ( cost: 10$ )
Poly count ( High 618 / Low 364 )
 - Kik Kat Cake ( cost: 10$ )
Poly count ( High 1 334 / Low 754 )
 - Donuts ( cost: 10$ )
Poly count ( High 2 042 / Low 1 020 )
 - Lassange ( cost: 10$ )
Poly count ( High/Low 322 )
 - Muffins ( cost: 10$ )
Poly count ( High 966 / Low 569 )
 - Board of Muffins ( cost: 10$ )
Poly count ( High 1 022 / Low 482 )
 - Rainbow Cake ( cost: 10$ )
Poly count ( High/Low 386)



  1. Fantastyczne jedzonko, nie mogę się doczekać wersji jadalnej.! :) Chyba moim simom przybędzie kilka kilogramów :D

  2. amazing!!! thank you! In love with the kit kat cake!

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  7. They smell so good! They look so real PD! I love them.

  8. These are so beautiful! Wish so badly they were for Sims 3. :(

  9. 我来自中国~非常感谢你的分享~我真的很喜欢~

  10. Wow ! Amazing ! Thank you :)

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  12. These are incredibly well done. Nice job!

  13. Eu amo seus objetos!! Muito obrigada pelo seu trabalho e por dividir ele conosco! <3

  14. I just found this set and tried to download from both links...Neither there another way to download this set? Thanks!

    1. Did you ever figure out how to download? Both links for me are sketchy too...

  15. both links aren't working :( sadly it seems most of the links take you to adfly and not bringing you to download.

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