New set and micro bar!

Hi guys :) I wanna tell you that I just started making new set. It's called "Villo" kitchen. I think I'll share this kitchen in two parts. In firts part I'll  share a fridge, cooker and couple countres. In the second part I'll share more counters, couple cabinets and washmachine (I think). So I hope you'll be happy when my kitchen will come out :)

Finally I made micro bar. I tried make it for a long time but I didn't know in what kind of program I must use, then my dearest friend greennoodle(:*) told me that I can make it in photoshop so I just wrote in google right phrase and now I can show you my fresh micro bar! Yeah! So Enjoy :) And if you like my blog put mine micro bar on your blog! ;)


  1. I can't wait to see first part of your kitchen :) and of course your micro bar looks great :)


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