Baltimore Kitchen Part 2 *UPDATED*

I decided to upload part 2 of Baltimore Kitchen because I don't have for this day more ideas what else I can make to improve that set. Set contains 6 objects. 3 of them are common kitchen furniture but with other 3 you can design your kitchen in many unlimited ways. From small interrios to very large mansion. You can do whatever you want the only wall is your imagination. So feel free and make your sims the best place to cook they ever seen!

Zadecydowałem że udostępnię  część 2 Baltimore Kitchen ponieważ na dzień dzisiejszy nie mam pomysłów co mogę jeszcze stworzyć by ulepszyć ten zestaw. Całość zawiera 6 obiektów. 3 z nich są zwykłym kuchennym wyposażeniem ale z pozostałymi 3 możesz zaprojektować swoją kuchnie na nieograniczoną ilość. Od małych pomieszczeń do dużych posiadłości. Możesz zrobić cokolwiek chcesz, jedną ścianą jest twoja wyobraźnia. Więc poczuj się wolno i daj swoim simom najlepszą kuchnie jakiej jeszcze nie widzieli!

If you see any errors please let me know!


Set contains:
- Dishwasher Counter ( cost: 230 $ )
Poly count ( High 72 )
- Dishwasher ( cost: 550 $ )
Poly count ( High 1 162 / Low 528  )
- Modular Shelf ( cost: 95 $ )
Poly count ( High 30 )
- Sink 2 ( cost: 160 $ )
Poly count ( High 1 058 / Low 562 )
- Wall Shelf ( cost: 65 $ )
Poly count ( High 188 / Low 132 )
- Window Shelf ( cost: 65 $ )
Poly Count ( High 216 / Low 232 )

If you will be asking why I added empty counter it's because when I tryed to put dishwasher in normal counter I could see doors of the counter and when the sim where using dishwasher and they opened it all you can see was basic counter so I need to do so. 

Imporatant Dishwasher was design only for Baltimore Kitchen so you can't use it in base game counters! 

One of the object has issuse that for now I don't know how to fix it. Specifically I'm talking about "Baltimore Kitchen - Wall Shelf" . The back of the shelf sometimes gets transparent because I used window to make it  so the best way to hide it is build small room 3x1. Here's the picture:
Also Window Shelf and Wall Shelf you will find in Build/Windows. Here's the picture:
And the last one. Baltimore Kitchen - Shelf you can find in Cabinets. Shelf is modular so you can place it whatever you like!
Baltimore Kitchen Part 2
Baltimore Kitchen Whole


  1. preciosa! Gracias por compartir!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing this :)


  3. Are there any plans to fix this for the December 2017 patch? I re-downloaded and installed them after removing the previous ones but they still get a "Script call failed" type of message. So sad as these are absolutely the most beautiful Sims counters ever!


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